• Together We Can

Guatemala was a success!

This past week TWC packed up and traveled to Central America to team up with Enactus and Story International. For one whole week, all organizations worked in a school in beautiful Huehuetenango to teach kids, teens, and single mothers business skills that could be used in their daily lives. This week was full of learning and great adventures for everyone. People of all ages, skin color and locations should have the chance to learn skills that can help them in their daily lives. Education Is a right and we here at TWC feel that it should not be denied nor impossible for motivated individuals to attain. It is amazing what we as people can accomplish when we humble our hearts and work together. Love is a powerful language and relationships are an excellent gift to receive. Let's love and build relationships with all of our brothers and sisters across the world. #togetherwecan



Together We Can 2019.